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Introducing Gunslinger Trials, our next DLC pack

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Ark hunters,

The world of Defiance is a big place with lots of story to tell and many unanswered questions: What is the Biodyne Project? Who controls the Earth Republic? Today, we’re excited to announce an update that may answer many of those questions for you. For months we’ve been putting together a juicy story update for Defiance. We have had a lot of narrative threads we’ve wanted to explore since our initial release, and we’re proud to finally reveal our next DLC: Gunslinger Trials.


Gunslinger Trials picks up after the disappearance of Karl Von Bach and during the expansionist push of the Earth Republic’s Terrestrian Party. Ark hunters will face three new mission lines, each presented by a different member of Von Bach Industries.

  • Azumi Yoshida – Former COO of Von Bach Industries, and acting CEO.
  • Uvan Johaar – Senior Technician at Von Bach Industries.
  • Raizar Zandijur – VBI Consultant to the Earth Republic.

These stories are told with eleven new cutscenes and over three hundred new lines of dialog. Ark hunters will uncover a conspiracy to steal EGO implants, the revival of the Biodyne project, and even the rise of a new political power in the Earth Republic. Working for Von Bach Industries is not without its benefits: Ark hunters who help the organization will be rewarded with new gear created to the specifications of each of the VBI leaders. Do you prefer the EGO-enhancing properties of the Yoshida weapons, or the danger of Raizar Zandijur’s weapons which push his “Ultimate Warrior” philosophy?

While betrayal and intrigue are the core of the story, Defiance is a tale told in bullets and blood. Gunslinger Trails will also add nine new arenas that challenge up to four ark hunters in a tactical race to reach the high score. Hunters will not only be graded on the pace at which they kill, but also their capacity to work together. Bonuses are scored for coordinated fire and for attacking enemies who are debilitated by nano-effects. Additionally, all existing Thorn Liro arenas will now be available to groups as well. Do you have what it takes to face these challenges?

Stay tuned for more in depth information on Gunslinger Trials in the coming weeks. We’ve got a lot to talk about before the DLC hits Xbox 360s, PlayStation 3s, and PCs everywhere this March.