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Inside Trion: Let’s Chat!

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Since the launch of Defiance, one of the most frequent requests we’ve gotten is to improve chat. Over the past few months, the team has been talking to ark hunters about the good, the bad, and the ugly of our chat interface and working to overhaul it. Today, I’m excited to give you a look into our upcoming chat and UI improvements.

In short: we’ve trimmed the fat. Previously, we tried a “kitchen sink” approach to chat, which obscured the core functionality and made the experience frustrating and clunky while in the heat of battle. Today, we have a cleaner, sleeker, and more useful chat to roll out for Defiance fans. Without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to our new chat functionality.

Old and Busted: This is how the chat interface used to look

Old and Busted: This is how the chat interface used to look


New hotness. Click to view the screenshot in more detail.

See that screenshot? TrickCastithan is chatting right now. That’s the new full chat interface, free of the commands/emotes/etc. that bloated the viewport in the previous iteration.

We’ve also divorced voice chat from text chat: there’s no reason to keep those two tied together, bogging each other down. The voice chat channels now appear in the top-right of the screen alongside the mini-map. The voice channel you are speaking in is clearly indicated and can be swapped on the fly, but channels will also light up when people speak in them. (So you can know where that strange voice is coming from.)


Let’s look at the small chat window in more detail: Everything is now tabbed. The small chat window can be activated the same way as the old quick chat system, allowing you to quickly change tabs to the conversation you need without seeing extra babble that could distract you.


Changing the channel you are speaking in is easy as well. You just click the channel you want (or press left on the directional pad) and voila! You have swapped your text chat channel.


You can even add additional chat tabs in the Chat Settings menu to suit your specific play style. You can see that I’ve set up a tab where only Whispers and EGO Calls will appear in my chat.


Hopefully, you like what you see here, and are pounding on your screen saying “when do I get to use this?!” The Sedge Hat that TrickCastithan is wearing is your release date clue: all this will be available with the 7th Legion DLC coming out in February! And we’re not stopping with chat improvements: We’re taking even more steps to improve quality and ease-of-use for Defiance – so stay tuned – you’ll be hearing more from me as those head into the home stretch.

Good hunting,

Trick Dempsey
Defiance Creative Lead