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Update on Defiance’s Second DLC, Arkbreaker

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Today, I come bearing some good news and some less good news (and then some good news again!)

The good news: Defiance’s Second DLC, Arkbreaker, officially passed certification with both Microsoft and Sony!

The less good news: Certification isn’t the last step in this process. The final step of getting DLC into your hands involves further setup with the platforms’ online stores. For PS3, this requires several weeks of lead time. In short: Arkbreaker is not going to be able to get on the PSN Store on December 10th.

The good news again: We’re working with our awesome CS team and will be activating the Arkbreaker DLC manually for all PS3 Season Pass holders on December 10th! This will give Season Pass holders access to everything in the DLC: the new mission line, the ability to call down arkfalls, access to use the new weapons (including Volge cold fire guns!), the Volge Engineer outfit, and bonus daily login rewards. Also, for a limited time, we’ll be granting Tier 3 Lockboxes to all PS3 users who buy the DLC on the PSN Store when it does launch – it’s our way of saying thanks for your patience and for your support.

We’re working hard to get this all sorted as soon as possible and will post updates here and on our official forums and Twitter when we have news. Until then, thanks. I hope to fight alongside you in an arkbreak very soon.

Elizabeth Tobey
Director, Global Communications