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Feature Spotlight: Dark Matter Arkfalls

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 Weapons hot, ark hunters – our series of feature spotlight posts continues with a look at Dark Matter Arkfalls, four hell-raising dynamic events that went live alongside Castithan Charge Pack DLC.


A new breed of Minor and Major arkfalls are raining down across the Bay Area. In each event, you’ll race against time to defeat increasingly difficult waves of Dark Matter soldiers, destroy arkfall cores, and – in the Major “Extraction Force” battle – take revenge on The Monolith itself.



  • Scaling waves of Dark Matter infantry including Enforcers, Snipers, Monitors, and Bulwarks.
  • The Monolith – a massive, armored assault mech developed by the Votanis Collective.


Dark Matter Arkfalls last a maximum of 20 minutes (Minor events) or 60 minutes (Major events). Be sure to find them using the red arkfall icon on your minimap before time runs out.

Objectives are unique to each arkfall.

  • Minor “Extractor” and “Mayhem” events are slug-fests against Dark Matter waves.
  • The Minor “Obliteration” event is a race to destroy an arkfall core.
  • The Major “Extraction Force” event is a multi-phase battle against Minor arkfalls, Dark Matter troops, and The Monolith.

The Monolith cannot be defeated until you destroy its unique attack points.

Each Dark Matter Arkfall has two nodes you can use to boost your EGO.



Individual rewards include Scrip, XP, and Keycodes, plus Lockboxes for defeating The Monolith and completing the Extraction Force event.

Watch the spotlight video.