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Changing Damage Reduction

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Two weeks ago, Trick Dempsey wrote a State of the Game blog post giving a broad road map for what’s going to be happening in the world of Defiance in the coming weeks and months. Since then, the team’s been busy. Today, we’re talking about the changes that we’re making to damage reduction in Defiance.

The way Defiance works now, there are a variety of perks, weapon masteries, and shield bonuses that players can combine to make themselves temporarily invulnerable. Invulnerability, while sometimes cool, is not something that adds fun to our world (and in many cases severely detracts from said fun.)

The team went into the game, took a long, hard look at some of the math that made these combinations possible, and have changed the way the game works so that invulnerability is no longer a viable option. With this change, players can only benefit from one damage reduction source each from shields, perks, and weapons. Within these sources benefits will no longer stack; instead, the best damage resistance generated from each source is selected, then combined with the best from each of the other sources.

Here’s an example: If a player has both the Detachment perk (12% damage resist after kill) and Juggernaut perk (15% damage resistance after melee kill). Players will only have 15% damage resistance after a melee kill, not 27% due to stacking Detachment and Juggernaut. Mind, if you have the legendary weapon mastery for 12% damage reduction while reloading, and you reload after that melee kill, you’d still have a brief resistance of 27%. This could be magnified even higher by adding a shield bonus.

We also want to extend out thanks to folks in the community who worked with us to point out these exploits and were integral in our efforts of fixing this problem. Thank you for your time and your patience.

Update about this change’s timing: In the interest of improving the quality of the damage reduction update, we are going to need to delay it until our next code patch. Without a code update, the damage numbers displayed when fighting another player would be inaccurate to the damage done. This would cause players to see damage done to opponents then see it quickly restore as the damage difference was transmitted from the server. By waiting until we can update the reported damage functionality, we are preventing confusion once the damage reduction update goes live. Thanks – and we will let you know when that patch is coming!