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Defiance: Volge Incursion

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Reports are rolling in from across the bay as people are going missing and settlements suddenly lose communications. Even the Raiders show fear as the dire warnings mount. Strange and deadly scouting parties are rampaging across the bay, and only one explanation stands out: The Volge….

Volge Incursion

Get the full details on this weeks live Volge content below. Content will be live at 12pm PT

Volge Examination
- Kill a Trooper
- Kill a Bomber
- Kill a Viscera
- Complete 5 Volge emergencies


Clearing Volge Battle - Assist E-Rep soldiers as they defend their camp from a vicious Volge assault
Clearing Volge Boobytrap - Help some miners turn the tables on the Volge by setting up some traps and then witnessing the explosive results
Clearing Volge Kill Raiders - A small Raider camp gets invaded by a Volge hit squad. Let one side clear out the other and then sweep into clean up the mess or take them both on at the side time if you’re ballsy enough to do it.
Clearing Volge Miner - Defend a Mining Camp from the Volge Troopers that have come to steal their crates of Gulanite
Road Volge Checkpoint - An ER road Checkpoint is getting overrun by Volge and only your assistance can turn the tide
Road Volge Traffic - Volge are in the process of hijacking a supply of Gulanite.