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Defiance: Raptr Rewards!

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Looking to get your hands on Defiance? Raptr has you covered with their new Raptr rewards program for Defiance. How do you qualify? Signup for Raptr and start earning reputation to qualify for the rewards.


30% Discount – Get 30% off the PC title from Trion Worlds store.

Watch these Defiance rank rewards now as they are going live on 7.3.13 just in time to defend San Francisco for the Fourth of July:

Amateur Starter Pack – Every Ark Hunter needs an extra hand once and a while. Get ahead with an XP boost, Loot Boost, Script Boost and a Tier 1 Lockbox.
Dedicated Raptr Duni - Get the Orange Raptr Duni Shetarru and cruise in style.

Elite Drifter Pack - Upgrade your threads with new Drifter Headgear and a new Drifter Outfit. And an additional Tier 1 Lockbox with you.


Full details on the Defiance Raptr Rewards program can be found here: