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The Plague: Launching the Cure

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The Plague is at its peak in the Bay and Eren needs your help to lock down the cure. Jump into Defiance at 12pm PT and for the rest of this week and complete the new Mission and secure the final Data Recorder.

Need the full details on the current plague content? Keep on reading as we have you covered below.

Launching the Cure
Eren has received a call from the town of Defiance, and they are having a problem with the plague as well. Eren has located an old EMC bunker that has a functioning ICBM. She needs to launch a care package of vaccine to the town of Defiance.


The Plague Sieges: Eren has set up vaccine synthesizers across the bay to create the cure, but plaguers keep disrupting the operation! The synthesizers are set up wherever a high concentration of ark materials can be found, but they require someone to come start them up. When the synthesizers are activated, plaguers move in to attack.

Sieges are open world events that, unlike Arkfalls, take place within some of the built-up areas of the Bay Area. Each siege features multiple capture points which together with your fellow Ark Hunters you must keep control while hordes of enemies seek to wrest them from your grasp.

Your personal goal in each siege is to get as high a score as possible, which requires a combination of defeating enemies as well as holding onto the capture points. Sieges only stay active for a limited period of time, but the more time your team holds the points during the Siege, the higher your score, and the more of the points you all hold, the faster that score increases.


Those poor souls that have reached phase 4 of the outbreak are beyond saving. These people must be put down.

- Hunt down afflicted in each region of Paradise.
- Reward: Med Tech Buggy

Curing the Masses
Eren NiDen has discovered a cure for those which have not yet progressed to phase 4 of the outbreak. The vaccine synthesizers must be protected, or Paradise will fall before the whole world is consumed.

- Complete vaccine synthesizer sieges.
- Reward: Special Bio grenade “Biocharge Ex-12X”


- Internment Camp: Help some ER soldiers regain control when some overzealous rebels attempt to liberate their plague infected loved ones.
- Triage Center: Defend a makeshift medical center as it gets over run by the Afflicted.
- E-Rep Soldier Camp: Join in the fight as ER Soldiers try to defend their camp and their lives from the unceasing attacks of the Afflicted
- Dark Matter Outpost: No one is safe from this plague, not even the Dark Matter. Witness one of their camps being attacked.
- Checkpoint Troubles: Help a lone surviving Echelon soldier fight off the Afflicted that are attacking her checkpoint station.
- Gridlock: A stretch of road filled with wrecked cars holds a deadly surprise for any Ark Hunter foolish enough to go exploring.
- Car Trouble: A pair of Ranchers attempted to clear the road and got caught in an Afflicted Ambush. It’s up to the player to save the day.
- Spreading the Disease: The player gets to witness first-hand what happens when plague infected Raiders bring the disease into some of their drill machines. It’s not pretty.

Data Recorders:
- Vaccine Delivery
- Subject Douglas Rivers
- Quarantine Recommendation
- Stage 4 Outbreak