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Defiance: Bonus Loot Weekend is Back!

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Make sure to log into Defiance to take advantage of our Bonus Loot Weekend! This Loot weekend comes to you adjusted based on your feedback! What is bonus loot weekend you ask? See the full details below.

Bonus Loot Weekend: Players have a 25% increased chance to earn loot when they participate in a variety of game activities that offer loot drops during the scheduled time period. The loot categories are weapons, weapon mods, shields, and grenades.

So get your friends online and play Missions, Side Mission, Co-op Maps, Arkfalls, Emergencies, and much more for your chance at Bonus loot for this weekend only!

The Bonus loot weekend kicks off Friday at 12:00pm PT and will end on Monday 6/3 at 12:00pm PT.