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Play Defiance FREE on Steam This Weekend!

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You read that title correctly! Play Defiance exclusively through Steam this weekend only for FREE! Oh What? Yes…jump on your PC, head over to Steam and get access to play Defiance all weekend long for FREE.

Simply click the ‘Start Here’ below to head to Steam for your FREE weekend pass and register a Trion Worlds account!


If you find yourself enjoying the FREE weekend, make sure to snag the full version of the game for 30% off. This deal is only available through Steam and will expire at the end of this weekend. But that is not all! If you purchase the game directly through Steam your progress you made during the FREE weekend will carry over into the full version of the game.

So to recap! Play Free, Sweet Deal, Saved Progress and Conquer the World! Well maybe not the last part… But here are the specific details again.

- Buy the game for 30% off this weekend only on Steam!
- Carry over all progress made in the free trial!
- Complete missions, pursuits and contracts!
- Customize unique weapons and vehicles!
- Explore the vast Bay area landscape earning rewards as you go!

Note: If your purchase Defiance via Steam and you are playing the Steam Free weekend version, you will need to log out of the game and close the game client after purchase, so the game will update to the full version properly.

To activate your Defiance Game for the Steam FREE weekend follow these steps:

1.) Click the install option and launch your Steam Client and copy the provided CD key.

2.) Press “Account” option on the game client.

3.) Register or log-in to Trion Worlds.

4.) Apply ‘CD Key’ under the ‘Apply New Code‘ section and click ‘Apply‘.

5.) Now head back to Steam and launch Defiance and login with your newly created Trion World Account.

6.) Enjoy the Game until Sunday at 1:00pm PT

See you in the Bay this weekend.

Defiance Community Manager