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The Irathient Vagabond

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As Hellbug Season continues events from St. Louis have a new addition crossing from show to game. The Bay area is on alert with the arrival of Rynn.

Rynn finds herself crossing the Storm Divide, but she is unable to escape her past. Her crimes have captured the attention of current Bay area natives, and they will stop at nothing to capture her.

Jump in game this coming Monday and seek out Lawkeeper, Jon Cooper as he locks in on Rynn’s whereabouts. Complete the new Episode Mission ‘The Vagabond’ to reveal Rynn’s new objectives and to unlock more missions and rewards.

Remember Hellbug Season isn’t over just yet… Keep destroying Elemental Hellbug Arkfalls, complete the new Emergencies and tackle each Pursuit for unique rewards and titles.

Join us as the new Rynn crossover content will go live on all Defiance servers Monday, May 13, 2013.