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Defiance: Most Wanted

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Nolan and Irisa crossed from game to show. Now it’s your (first) chance to follow: Outgun the competition from April 29 – May 12 to see yourself in an upcoming episode of Defiance! We’ve started our contest now so click here to go sign up – .

1. How will the winner be chosen?
The ark hunter earning the most Ark Salvage per hour during their time played over the course of the contest will win. Only players who register for the contest and complete both “Most Wanted” Pursuits will be eligible to win.

2.How do I enter?
Follow the contest registration steps above, then complete the “Most Wanted: Rogues Gallery” and “Most Wanted: Competitor” in-game Pursuits between 12:00am PDT April 29 and 11:59pm PDT May 12.
Where can I get the Most Wanted Pursuits and what do they involve?
The new Pursuits will be available in the Goals section of your EGO menu starting 12:00am PDT April 29. “Rogues Gallery” tasks you with eliminating various Mutants, Raiders, 99ers, and more, while “Competitor” pits you against other ark hunters in team-based PvP and Shadow War modes. Each Pursuit also requires completing a weekly contract. Contracts are accessible from power rating 250, and weekly contracts reset at 11:00am PDT on Mondays. For more info on contracts, click here.

3. What can I win?
Artists from the Defiance series will render the winner’s likeness into a special place in an upcoming episode!

4. How can I get alerts for future crossover contests?
Subscribe to the Defiance newsletter! You’ll get early info on upcoming contests, content, and offers from Defiance. To subscribe, log in to your Trion account, check the Defiance box in your “Newsletters” tab, and click “Save.”