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The meaning is that either you intend to do good things but fail to take action or you intend to do good things but when acted upon, it has unforeseen bad consequences. Tuesday was a mixture of both so I found this saying very appropriate.
The good intent was to deliver you all the most awesome patch ever, as fast as we could, to maintain the steady pace of improvements and get them into your hands.

Why is that failing to take action? Because I could have pushed less and said “no” and had it longer in testing and prepared better. This would have caught some of the issues we see.

Why were there unforeseen consequences? Because when applied to our Live servers, we saw things broken there but weren’t broken on our test environments. This we would not have caught with more time. It’s rooted in how we develop and test.

Put simply, our enthusiasm got the best of us and we’re making up for it by fixing what we can, as fast as possible. Well, as fast as safely possible. We have a thread where we’re assembling known issues, some embarrassingly old, some new and sometimes more embarrassing. It’s not for lack of trying to fix them. Defiance is simply a pretty complex beast and what’s fixed internally turns out to still be broken externally (Mental note; bring back Alpha/Test).

We’ve had a lot of big days during the voyage of bringing Defiance to you, our game launch on April 2nd and no less our show premiere April 15th. There were other days, of despair, joy, hilarity and exhaustion but days like these make it all worth it. The day where we did a total makeover of the design director’s office to a pink Justin Bieber cathedral was pretty nice too. We’re kind of like proud parents, yet still like kids ourselves, from a professor analyzing in-depth the progress and game mechanics to a gamer simply enjoying the experience of it all. From those of us that look at the glass half-empty to those of us that drank the other half to tease them and create the glass dilemma in the first place. We’re people with very different backgrounds and our emotions are accordingly, all over the place. I can go from sad to twerk in a heartbeat.

Suffice to say, we had our TV show premiere that went awesome and were full of excitement to give you a patch to fix all the things. We fixed literally, hundreds of issues. We also broke a couple of embarrassingly big ones. We’re incredibly sorry and frustrated and we know the only thing to make this right is to fix it. So we are. We’re just not deploying them before we’re sure it’s fixed. A day in Defiance is never simple. Some days are bigger than others but it doesn’t mean the small ones are any less interesting.

Today will be known as the day I twerked in hell. It was almost perfect, save for the heat of the few issues that got through. The message is simple though, we’re here, all the time, making Defiance better.
I mean, she deserves it. She might not be the best yet but nobody puts baby in a corner.

Ave Arkhunter,


Nathan Richardsson

Executive Producer Defiance