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The Armistice Festival Has Begun!

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Ark Hunters! Join us this week and participate in the Armistice Festival and remember those who lost their lives in the Pale Wars.

The cataclysmic Pale Wars were a period of bloody inter-species conflict that brought terror and destruction on a global scale to Earth. The inspirational Battle of Defiance, in which the Defiant Few united in their refusal to fight and continue placing innocent lives at risk, sparked a worldwide social uprising calling for peace. This movement eventually pressured the Earth Republic and the Votanis Collective into a ceasefire, and encouraged other nations and city-states to lay down their arms.

The ratification of the Pale Wars Armistice marked the official end to that dark chapter in Human/Votanis history. Although there are still many disagreements between the Earth Military Coalition and the Votanis Collective in areas of land ownership and technology rights, the fragile peace has allowed the people of Earth to begin the slow process of rebuilding and starting a new future together.

Armistice Festival celebrates that historic day, with celebrations throughout many of the safe zones of Defiance.

But not all festivities can be enjoyed as the peace within San Francisco is being dampened by Mutants, 99ers, Raiders and Dark Matter troops. We need you to keep the Bay area safe and handle the following emergencies: “Burn, Baby, Burn”, “Armistice Celebration”, “Blood of the Heroes” and “Uninvited Guests”. Complete these tasks and then celebrate your victory by lighting some of the Armistice Day lanterns.

We also have 2 new Pursuits – “Peacekeeper” and “Memories of the Armistice” – that need to be completed in the Bay area to reveal hidden items and rewards.

For those of you on the hunt to complete all festivities, we have hidden 4 new Data Recorders around the Bay area that relate directly to the Armistice. These and all items above can earn you exclusive in game titles and rewards!

We plan to see you around the festivities and will be looking for your new titles.