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An Introduction to Defiance Contracts

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Defiance has contracts that you can choose to complete for extra rewards.  Contracts are found in your EGO menu in the “Goals” section.  Contracts refresh on a daily or weekly basis, and the amount of time left to complete them is displayed beside the details.

In this image you can see I have 3 days to complete my ‘Shadows of the Past’ Contract.

Once a Contract is active, your progress on the requirements will automatically be applied. Progress also pops up on the main HUD as you get updates (very similar to how Pursuits update).

Contracts expire/refresh at 19:05 UTC (which is just past noon pacific time), on Mondays for the weekly contracts.

There is a scale of rewards for the Contracts, so even if you don’t completely finish the full contract goal you can get a partial rewards.  Any progress at all gets you the lowest level reward; over 50% gets a silver level reward, and totally complete gets the highest gold level reward.  Rewards are scrip, ark salvage, and reputation with one of the factions in the world of Defiance. There are special vendors associated with each faction.  These faction vendors sell items that may not be available on normal vendors, at a cost of scrip plus reputation.  You can see your current standing with each of the factions on the “Stats” section of the Character menu.

- Sledgehammer70